The Bach Stradivarius Centennial Trumpet is a limited edition professional instrument to celebrate 100 years since Vincent Bach started his business. This centennial trumpet is based on the famous Bach 190S43 model but with a number of enhancements added to it.

These enhancements include the #43 bell with a side-seam, two-piece valve construction, gold plate-trim, luxurious engraving and also a limited edition case and Bach mouthpiece. All of these features come together to create a truly marvellous trumpet, celebrating what has been an incredible 100 years for Bach.

Centennial Features

The Bach Stradivarius Centennial Trumpet is abundant with special features to celebrate such a righteous occasion. The well known #43 bell includes a side-seam running under the braces which combines the disturbance points of the bell to provide better resonance and tone. This side-seam coupled with a steel bell wire provides the perfect balance of sound and projection. The valve casings on this model are constructed using a two-piece design, reminiscent of vintage Bach trumpets.

The bottom two-thirds of the casings are made from yellow brass and the balusters are made using nickel silver to make the trumpet lighter. The final addition to the centennial trumpet is the luxurious plate engraving on the bell. This deluxe engraving is not found on any other Bach trumpet and is the perfect finish to such a triumphant instrument. Included with the Bach 190S43W2 is a limited edition case which features a wine-coloured nest and a special case badge to commemorate the 100th year of Vincent Bach’s business.

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Premium Design

All instruments in the Bach Stradivarius series are handmade in America to ensure the highest standard of engineering. The highly skilled craftspeople are still using the original designs used from the 1920s. The .459″ medium bore on the centennial trumpet provides a well-rounded sound with plenty of range. Features such as the standard weight body, standard weight bell and standard #25 leadpipe all contribute to the trumpets premium sound.

The yellow brass found in the bell provides a nice balance between the various playing parameters, which makes it the most widely used and commonly played alloy in the world. Once the centennial trumpet has been constructed a layer of silver plate is added to keep the horn looking newer for longer.

High-End Features

The Bach Stradivarius Centennial Trumpet is filled with high-end features that you would expect from Bach. The #25 leadpipe creates slight resistance which is essential for perfecting tone production and also centering notes. Similar to other Bach trumpets, the centennial model also features 1st and 3rd slide thumb saddles with the addition of a rod stop on the 3rd slide, so precise tuning can be achieved in extreme registers. The valves in the trumpet are crafted from monel which is a nickel and copper alloy. The majority of premium trumpets have monel valves because it is very dense and is more resistant to corrosion, meaning they won’t flake and are less likely to seize up.

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Stradivarius Series

The Stradivarius series of instruments are the premium symphonic models originally designed and manufactured by Vincent Bach in the early 1920s. All of the models in this range are made using the highest quality materials to ensure only the best possible instruments are produced. The name “Stradivarius” originates from the first trumpets made by Vincent Bach himself. Musicians would refer to his original trumpets as having a “Stradivarius” sound, which later inspired the name Stradivarius.

About Bach

Bach have been making trumpets since 1924 and are viewed as one of the best trumpet manufacturers in the world. Musicians frequently referred to Bach trumpets as having a real “Stradivarius” sound, referring to the world-famous string instruments. To this day, Bach Stradivarius trumpets remain the choice of artists worldwide.


  • Key Of: Bb
  • Bell Diameter: #43
  • Bell Finish: Yellow Brass
  • Bore Size: .459″
  • Valves: Monel Pistons
  • Finish: Silver Plate With Gold Plate Trim
  • Waterkeys: 1

Included Accessories

  • Mouthpiece: Bach 3C
  • Case: Limited Edition Bach Hard Woodshell Case

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