The Yamaha YTR6310Z Bobby Shew Bb Trumpet was designed in collaboration with jazz legend Bobby Shew, and includes a stunning gold lacquer body. Featuring a unique step bore design and lightweight construction, this versatile instrument is perfect for big bands, popular repertoire, and particularly jazz. The instrument is designed using high quality materials and reliable mechanisms that are perfect for professional players. The YTR6310Z trumpet comes equipped with a case to protect the instrument during travel, and a mouthpiece to get players started straight away.


Yamaha is a brand trusted by millions of musicians worldwide. Attention to detail and precision are Yamaha’s trait which has earned the trust of students, and the respect of world-renowned musicians. An inimitable blend of leading technology and craftsmanship goes into each and every instrument. The products are developed and perfected to significantly enhance the overall precision and playing experience.

Yellow Brass Bell

The YTR6310Z features a yellow brass bell, delivering an excellent tone that is ideal for studio, big band, concert band, chamber group or orchestra. Yellow Brass is commonly used as the base metal for brass instruments. A standard mix of 70 percent copper and 30 percent zinc helps to provide a focused sound with a solid core, produced with very little resistance.

Z Model Trumpets

Yamaha’s Z trumpets were designed in collaboration with jazz legend Bobby Shew, who plays a wide variety of musical styles. He dreamed of a single trumpet which would be equally suited for screaming lead, mellow jazz, ballads, ‘legit’ studio gigs, and more.

Design Features

The Yamaha YTR6310Z trumpet features quality materials you’d expect from high-end models. The monel pistons are resistant to corrosion, and retain a precise fit and smooth action for many years. Pressure formed tubing results in less turbulence and a smoother air flow that enables a superb scale and reduced resistance. Yamaha use a high-energy laser fuse to seal the brass together and create an almost invisibly seamed bell that can enable continuous vibrations. The gold brass leadpipe yields excellent intonation, response and resistance, whilst the design of the bore produces smoother airflow with less resistance. The YTR6310Z’s hammered yellow brass bell produces a more intense yet perfectly balanced tone with a fast response and additional presence. Yamaha lightweight trumpets feature unbraced inner outer tuning slides that ensure the instrument can comfortably open with less resistance. This trumpet also includes hand lapping pistons and slides which ensure that there is a perfect seal between the pistons and casing, to achieve smoother airflow and action whilst also improving the response and intonation of the instrument. Big sounds are effortlessly achievable thanks to the design of this trumpet, featuring a large bore tuning slide combined with a large bell flare. Featuring a stunning gold lacquer finish the YTR6310Z is capable of producing a brighter and more precise tone and projection, as well as a very professional look.

Included Accessories

The Yamaha YTR6310Z Trumpet comes equipped with a case to help keep the instrument protected during travel. The trumpet also comes with a mouthpiece, so players can get started straight away. Yamaha’s standard series mouthpieces enable smooth attacks, secure control and easy playability.


  • Finish: Gold lacquer
  • Weight: Light
  • Bell Diameter: 127mm (5″)
  • Bore Size: 11.30mm (0.445″)
  • Bell: Yellow brass
  • Key Of: Bb
  • Included Accessories: TRC-6335 Case and TR-14B4 Mouthpiece

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