Fusion Premium Triple Trumpet Gig Bag – Possibly the best bag ever made!

The Fusion Premium Triple Trumpet Gig Bag  is a premium gig bag for commuting musicians. The Premium triple trumpet gig bag is made with high-density foam that offers unparalleled protection, while keeping the bag lightweight. The gig bag features two adjustable dividers to ensure the instruments are secure. Similar to other cases from Fusion, the […]

P.E.T.E – Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser by Terry Warburton

The P.E.T.E. is a unique tool to use to perform isometric exercises that strengthen and develop the embouchure. The P.E.T.E. is the only tool on the market that exercises the exact musculature involved in playing wind instruments. Regular use of the P.E.T.E. will result in increased endurance and flexibility, and for many players, increased range. Check […]

Yamaha SB7X Silent Brass System for Trumpet

The new Yamaha SB-7X silent brass system for trumpet including pickup mute and headphone amp sees an improved and more ergonomic product that not only looks good, but produces a fantastic sound. Suitable for people practising in quiet environments, this mute will allow you to believe you’re still in a rehearsal room. New and Improved […]

Trumpet Geek Corner – JO-RAL Copper Bottom Trumpet Bucket Mute

Jo-Ral Mutes provide exciting and musical tonal qualities to instrumental playing along with near perfect intonation. Made in a variety of different finishes and materials, the scope for different sounds is limitless. Used extensively throughout the music industry, Jo-Ral Mutes are a fantastic purchase for all musicians. Bucket Mute The Bucket Mute provides an soft […]

What is Stratos? A Product Review

Stratos Brass Embouchure Training System The Stratos Brass Embouchure Training System is an adjustable attachment for all brass instruments designed to improve your embouchure. The Stratos Embouchure System helps to reduce mouthpiece pressure by counteracting the natural urge to pull the instrument closer to your face. This will directly improve your range, power, tone, stamina […]

The New and Improved Sandovalves is here!

We are Rolling out the NEW BRASS SANDOVALVES! Sandovalves are now in production and ready for pre-ordering. Be the first one to receive your New & Improved Brass Sandovalves! Signed by Arturo Sandoval! Exclusive to the FIRST 250 ORDERS! Includes Autograph + You will be granted access to an Invite-Only Online Master Class with Dr. Arturo Sandoval.

The Mouthpiece Booster – A review by Roger Moisan

By Roger Moisan To boost or not to boost; that is the question. The mouthpiece booster has been around now for about 25 years and was originally developed by Denis Wick in response to the Bach Heavytop Mouthpiece Range. “What does it actually do?” I hear many brass players ask. Well, to start with, it […]