Fusion Premium Triple Trumpet Gig Bag – Possibly the best bag ever made!

The Fusion Premium Triple Trumpet Gig Bag  is a premium gig bag for commuting musicians. The Premium triple trumpet gig bag is made with high-density foam that offers unparalleled protection, while keeping the bag lightweight.

The gig bag features two adjustable dividers to ensure the instruments are secure. Similar to other cases from Fusion, the Premium Triple Trumpet bag features a robust exterior material, providing a stylish look while also protecting your instrument. The Fusion Premium Triple Trumpet Gig Bag includes an internal padded zipped sleeve and a removable rain cover to ensure the best security for your instruments, and is available in a range of different colours.

Robust Construction

The Fusion Premium Triple Trumpet Gig Bag is ergonomically designed for the travelling musician. The main body of the bag is made from 30mm high-density foam which is lined with a plush, non-scratch, velvet-mix lining. The inside of the gig bag can hold three trumpets, two trumpets and a flugelhorn, or two trumpets and additional mutes.

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There are two removable, softly padded dividers inside the bag which can be adjusted to fit your instruments securely. Additional soft padded blocks are included to ensure a flugelhorn can be placed firmly. Inside the bag is a removable accessory panel which can attach to any metal music stand measuring up to 500mm wide. The bag also includes a trumpet sleeve for extra protection.

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The outside of the Fusion Premium trumpet bag is constructed using robust non PVC backed water resistant rip-stop material for extreme resilience against abrasions. The trumpet bag is secured with two zips and a weather flap which protects the main compartment as well as the music stand pouch. The bottom of the gig bag features a sturdy impact-resistant base for added security when placed on the floor.

Travel Friendly Design

The Fusion Premium Triple Trumpet Gig Bag is perfectly designed for the commuting musician. The rear of the bag features padded backpack straps with chest and waist straps to ensure a comfy and ergonomic fit. If you’d prefer to carry the case by hand, then the backpack straps can be stored away in a zipped compartment. The top of the bag features adjustable carry handles which can also be stored away when not in use. There are also various reflective panels scattered around the case to ensure you can always be seen on the roads at night.

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At the front of the Premium triple bag are three accessory pockets with soft rubber zips. The first two pockets are ideal for small accessories such as mouthpieces, valve oil and pencils, while the third pocket is perfect for A4 sheet music and manuscript. All of these features combined with the included address tag and rain-cover make the Fusion Premium Triple Trumpet bag the perfect travelling bag.

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About Fusion

Fusion is a small family business based in West Yorkshire which have been manufacturing stylish gig bags since 2008. The designs were born after co-founder and designer Amanda Wheatley realised there was a gap in the market for a compact gig bag that was also stylish. Fusion pride themselves on being bright and fashionable, and now produce gig bags for over 20 instruments.

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  • Internal Dimensions: 590 x 250 x 300mm
  • External Dimensions: 670 x 390 x 390mm
  • Weight: 3.5Kg
  • Handles: Adjustable Side Handles & Padded Backpack Straps
  • Interior Material:Soft Non-Scratch, Non-Fibrous Quality Velvet Mix Interior
  • Outer Material:Hardwearing, Non-PVC Backed Water Resistant Polyester
  • Fastening Method:Dual Zips
  • Accessories:Rain Cover, Internal Padded Sleeve and Retractable ID Tag
  • Colour: Black

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P.E.T.E – Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser by Terry Warburton

The P.E.T.E. is a unique tool to use to perform isometric exercises that strengthen and develop the embouchure. The P.E.T.E. is the only tool on the market that exercises the exact musculature involved in playing wind instruments. Regular use of the P.E.T.E. will result in increased endurance and flexibility, and for many players, increased range.

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Yamaha SB7X Silent Brass System for Trumpet

The new Yamaha SB-7X silent brass system for trumpet including pickup mute and headphone amp sees an improved and more ergonomic product that not only looks good, but produces a fantastic sound. Suitable for people practising in quiet environments, this mute will allow you to believe you’re still in a rehearsal room.

New and Improved Physical Design

Yamaha have improved just about every aspect of the new pickup mute, replacing the old model with a stylish and lightweight device. The mute is much easier to attach with its grooved outline, making it easy to push in and grab back out. The mute fits right inside the bell of the instrument. This has two benefits: it won’t slip out the end of the instrument and it pushes the weight of the mute closer to your body making it easier to use for a long time. When not using the instrument, the mute can easily be stored inside the instrument and will still fit in most conventional cases. Yamaha have also gone to a lot of effort to make the mute as lightweight as possible, making it so that it will feel like there is no mute in at all whilst playing.

Silent Brass
Available at Gear4Music £135.

Improved Resonance Technology

With the new microphone, this miniature microphone has been modified to better equip itself for the range in dynamics and overtones produced by a brass instrument. Its new placement also means that the resonance technology can be fully optimised. The Silent Brass unit takes best advantage of being able to listen to yourself while you practise in near silence. Digital technology has helped Yamaha develop an authentic acoustic environment where the instrument is still allowed to sing and improves on the quality of tone produced by its predecessor.

The Ins and Outs of Silent Brass

The Yamaha Silent Brass Unit allows for a number of scenarios. The headphone output lets the performer to simply hear the instrument as if in a practise room, and with the new mute design, it sounds great. So good in fact that it can be used to record yourself as you play. The Silent Brass also comes with an auxiliary input, which enables the performer to play along to favourite tracks while performing.


Pickup Mute

  • Model: PM7X (for Trumpet & Cornet)
  • Dimensions: 82 x 139mm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Internal Microphone: Electric Condenser Microphone
  • Pickup Output Jack: Mini Phone Jack
  • Nominal Level:-25dB~-35dB
  • Brass Resonance Modeling: Yes

Personal Studio

  • Model: STX-2
  • Dimensions: 70 x 20 x 98mm
  • Weight: 71g (Without Batteries
  • Jacks & Terminals: Mute In, Aux In, Phones
  • Control: Volume, Rever Type, Power
  • Brass Resonance Modeling:Yes
  • Power supply: AA Alkaline or Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries x 2 (3V DC)

Included Accessories

  • Cable
  • Stero Earphones
  • Owner’s Manual

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Trumpet Geek Corner – JO-RAL Copper Bottom Trumpet Bucket Mute

Jo-Ral Mutes provide exciting and musical tonal qualities to instrumental playing along with near perfect intonation. Made in a variety of different finishes and materials, the scope for different sounds is limitless. Used extensively throughout the music industry, Jo-Ral Mutes are a fantastic purchase for all musicians.

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Bucket Mute

The Bucket Mute provides an soft and muffled tone, which is caused by cancelling out the really high frequencies. The Jo-Ral buckets are designed almost like over sized straight mutes but with a different head with slits down the sides for air release.

Copper Bottom Mute

The aluminium body combined with a copper bottom to the mute provides a denser and more sonorous sound to the muted trumpet. With a slightly different overtone pattern to an all-aluminium mute, it is preferred by many symphonic players.

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What is Stratos? A Product Review

Stratos Brass Embouchure Training System

The Stratos Brass Embouchure Training System is an adjustable attachment for all brass instruments designed to improve your embouchure. The Stratos Embouchure System helps to reduce mouthpiece pressure by counteracting the natural urge to pull the instrument closer to your face. This will directly improve your range, power, tone, stamina and overall playing. The Stratos System is handcrafted in the UK from high-quality aviation grade polished aluminium and simply attaches to the leadpipe of any brass instrument.

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Power Without Pressure

The Stratos Brass Embouchure Training System is a high-quality practice aid which reduces mouthpiece pressure and ensures a good jaw position. Excessive mouthpiece pressure restricts the flow of blood to the lips which results in reduced stamina. This is because the muscles at the sides of the lips are hardly being used and these muscles determine lip tension. The Stratos System encourages a balanced “floating” jaw position by reducing mouthpiece pressure and ensures the correct muscles are used. By using the Stratos System to encourage the correct position, musicians will develop an even tone throughout the entire range of their instrument.

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Fully Adjustable

The Stratos Embouchure System is incredibly versatile and can fit onto the leadpipe of any brass instrument. The system is easily adjustable to ensure the sprung cushioned cup sits comfortably against the musician. The Stratos System is handcrafted in the UK from professional aviation grade aluminium which is then polished to match the aesthetic of your brass instrument.


“I want one and I want it now” Jens Lindemann CM – International Trumpet Soloist

“STRATOS is particularly useful in my warm-up, to focus my mind on the basics of a good embouchure set-up. Really useful … a great bit of kit” David Pyatt – Principal Horn, London Philharmonic Orchestra

“As an educator and a trombone player, I was so amazed with the STRATOS as a beneficial aid for the chops (lips) that every brass player should have. I believe this to be an invaluable tool for busy educators like myself. I would recommend it to all brass students.” Lord Chris Jeans – International Trombone Soloist

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The New and Improved Sandovalves is here!

We are Rolling out the NEW BRASS SANDOVALVES!

Sandovalves are now in production and ready for pre-ordering. Be the first one to receive your New & Improved Brass Sandovalves! Signed by Arturo Sandoval!

Exclusive to the


Includes Autograph + You will be granted access to an Invite-Only Online Master Class with Dr. Arturo Sandoval.

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The Mouthpiece Booster – A review by Roger Moisan

By Roger Moisan

To boost or not to boost; that is the question. The mouthpiece booster has been around now for about 25 years and was originally developed by Denis Wick in response to the Bach Heavytop Mouthpiece Range. “What does it actually do?” I hear many brass players ask. Well, to start with, it doesn’t boost anything. What it does do is add mass to the mouthpiece, thereby reducing vibration loss at the busy end of the instrument. This enhances the sonority and weight of sound creating a richer, darker timbre with more overtones. No, it doesn’t make playing easier but fortissimo dynamics hold together better.

I have used mine for many years now but am selective in which genres it is appropriate for. Always orchestral as conductors love the sound but not for jazz and big band playing.

There are now many versions of the booster available which fit different mouthpieces with alternative weights, but the most versatile and simplest is still the Denis Wick model. There are boosters to fit every brass instrument from cornet to tuba and they provide an extra option for the versatile brass player.

Check out the ‘With and without’ video and see if you can tell the difference.


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