Yamaha YTR6310Z Bobby Shew Bb Trumpet

The Yamaha YTR6310Z Bobby Shew Bb Trumpet was designed in collaboration with jazz legend Bobby Shew, and includes a stunning gold lacquer body. Featuring a unique step bore design and lightweight construction, this versatile instrument is perfect for big bands, popular repertoire, and particularly jazz. The instrument is designed using high quality materials and reliable mechanisms that are perfect for professional players. The YTR6310Z trumpet comes equipped with a case to protect the instrument during travel, and a mouthpiece to get players started straight away.


Yamaha is a brand trusted by millions of musicians worldwide. Attention to detail and precision are Yamaha’s trait which has earned the trust of students, and the respect of world-renowned musicians. An inimitable blend of leading technology and craftsmanship goes into each and every instrument. The products are developed and perfected to significantly enhance the overall precision and playing experience.

Yellow Brass Bell

The YTR6310Z features a yellow brass bell, delivering an excellent tone that is ideal for studio, big band, concert band, chamber group or orchestra. Yellow Brass is commonly used as the base metal for brass instruments. A standard mix of 70 percent copper and 30 percent zinc helps to provide a focused sound with a solid core, produced with very little resistance.

Z Model Trumpets

Yamaha’s Z trumpets were designed in collaboration with jazz legend Bobby Shew, who plays a wide variety of musical styles. He dreamed of a single trumpet which would be equally suited for screaming lead, mellow jazz, ballads, ‘legit’ studio gigs, and more.

Design Features

The Yamaha YTR6310Z trumpet features quality materials you’d expect from high-end models. The monel pistons are resistant to corrosion, and retain a precise fit and smooth action for many years. Pressure formed tubing results in less turbulence and a smoother air flow that enables a superb scale and reduced resistance. Yamaha use a high-energy laser fuse to seal the brass together and create an almost invisibly seamed bell that can enable continuous vibrations. The gold brass leadpipe yields excellent intonation, response and resistance, whilst the design of the bore produces smoother airflow with less resistance. The YTR6310Z’s hammered yellow brass bell produces a more intense yet perfectly balanced tone with a fast response and additional presence. Yamaha lightweight trumpets feature unbraced inner outer tuning slides that ensure the instrument can comfortably open with less resistance. This trumpet also includes hand lapping pistons and slides which ensure that there is a perfect seal between the pistons and casing, to achieve smoother airflow and action whilst also improving the response and intonation of the instrument. Big sounds are effortlessly achievable thanks to the design of this trumpet, featuring a large bore tuning slide combined with a large bell flare. Featuring a stunning gold lacquer finish the YTR6310Z is capable of producing a brighter and more precise tone and projection, as well as a very professional look.

Included Accessories

The Yamaha YTR6310Z Trumpet comes equipped with a case to help keep the instrument protected during travel. The trumpet also comes with a mouthpiece, so players can get started straight away. Yamaha’s standard series mouthpieces enable smooth attacks, secure control and easy playability.


  • Finish: Gold lacquer
  • Weight: Light
  • Bell Diameter: 127mm (5″)
  • Bore Size: 11.30mm (0.445″)
  • Bell: Yellow brass
  • Key Of: Bb
  • Included Accessories: TRC-6335 Case and TR-14B4 Mouthpiece

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The Neo-Baroque trumpet – Laurent Renaud

Laurent Renaud
Master Craftsman, Laurent Renaud

Natural/Baroque trumpet designer, Laurent Renaud,  Graduated with a Scientific Baccalaureate in Mathematics and a Higher Technician’s Certificate in the fields of design, production and industrial organization. He designed his dream instrument with modern CAD tools. Laurent built the first prototype with holes in 2015, followed by the creation of a Blog. Then the first requests inspired him to build a small series, and his work found an echo among musicians throughout Europe.

In 2016 came a model that can adapt to modern and historic tuning forks, affordable and for both experienced musicians and educational institutions.. A third version will then follow, developed from the synthesis of observations and requests from its first clients.

You can find out more about these fantastic instruments when you visit Laurent’s website below.

Besson 180th Anniversary Sovereign Cornet, Satin Silver Plate

The Besson 180th Anniversary Sovereign Cornet offers unrivaled playability to the professional musician, with a custom finish for a stunning appearance. The gold brass bell produces warm, dark tones, whilst the hand hammering ensures an authentic sound.

The Sovereign series of brass instruments are renowned for their smooth playability and exceptional build quality. The cornet’s hand lapped pistons offer a consistent response to your playing, whilst the key tops have a gripped feel to eliminate finger slippage. This limited edition model is the perfect choice for the professional player.

180th Anniversary

The limited edition Besson instruments celebrate the company’s 180th anniversary. These cornets are limited to 70 units worldwide, each featuring a custom satin plated finish for a stunning aesthetic. The tuning slides also feature a custom bright silver plating, as does the inner bell. This model also features a brand new ‘Besson London’ bell logo, which will later be used on all models.

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Everything You Need

The Sovereign cornet includes everything needed to continue playing. The hardshell wooden case has a rugged exterior that is suitable for taking on the road. The case’s plush interior lining protects your cornet from impact whilst keeping the finish polished. The cornet’s care kit features protective polish and valve oil. The included mouthpiece has been specifically selected to match the cornet’s sound.

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  • Key Of: Bb
  • Bell Diameter: 4.88”
  • Bell Finish: Hand Hammered Gold Brass
  • Bore Size: .460”
  • Waterkeys: 2 Lever-Style, Forged
  • Valves: Top Sprung Hand-Lapped Monel Pistons
  • Finish: Satin Silver
  • Accessories: Hard Wood-Shell Form-Fitted Case, Lyre, Care Kit and Mouthpiece
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Bach Stradivarius Centennial Trumpet, Limited Edition

The Bach Stradivarius Centennial Trumpet is a limited edition professional instrument to celebrate 100 years since Vincent Bach started his business. This centennial trumpet is based on the famous Bach 190S43 model but with a number of enhancements added to it.

These enhancements include the #43 bell with a side-seam, two-piece valve construction, gold plate-trim, luxurious engraving and also a limited edition case and Bach mouthpiece. All of these features come together to create a truly marvellous trumpet, celebrating what has been an incredible 100 years for Bach.

Centennial Features

The Bach Stradivarius Centennial Trumpet is abundant with special features to celebrate such a righteous occasion. The well known #43 bell includes a side-seam running under the braces which combines the disturbance points of the bell to provide better resonance and tone. This side-seam coupled with a steel bell wire provides the perfect balance of sound and projection. The valve casings on this model are constructed using a two-piece design, reminiscent of vintage Bach trumpets.

The bottom two-thirds of the casings are made from yellow brass and the balusters are made using nickel silver to make the trumpet lighter. The final addition to the centennial trumpet is the luxurious plate engraving on the bell. This deluxe engraving is not found on any other Bach trumpet and is the perfect finish to such a triumphant instrument. Included with the Bach 190S43W2 is a limited edition case which features a wine-coloured nest and a special case badge to commemorate the 100th year of Vincent Bach’s business.

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Premium Design

All instruments in the Bach Stradivarius series are handmade in America to ensure the highest standard of engineering. The highly skilled craftspeople are still using the original designs used from the 1920s. The .459″ medium bore on the centennial trumpet provides a well-rounded sound with plenty of range. Features such as the standard weight body, standard weight bell and standard #25 leadpipe all contribute to the trumpets premium sound.

The yellow brass found in the bell provides a nice balance between the various playing parameters, which makes it the most widely used and commonly played alloy in the world. Once the centennial trumpet has been constructed a layer of silver plate is added to keep the horn looking newer for longer.

High-End Features

The Bach Stradivarius Centennial Trumpet is filled with high-end features that you would expect from Bach. The #25 leadpipe creates slight resistance which is essential for perfecting tone production and also centering notes. Similar to other Bach trumpets, the centennial model also features 1st and 3rd slide thumb saddles with the addition of a rod stop on the 3rd slide, so precise tuning can be achieved in extreme registers. The valves in the trumpet are crafted from monel which is a nickel and copper alloy. The majority of premium trumpets have monel valves because it is very dense and is more resistant to corrosion, meaning they won’t flake and are less likely to seize up.

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Stradivarius Series

The Stradivarius series of instruments are the premium symphonic models originally designed and manufactured by Vincent Bach in the early 1920s. All of the models in this range are made using the highest quality materials to ensure only the best possible instruments are produced. The name “Stradivarius” originates from the first trumpets made by Vincent Bach himself. Musicians would refer to his original trumpets as having a “Stradivarius” sound, which later inspired the name Stradivarius.

About Bach

Bach have been making trumpets since 1924 and are viewed as one of the best trumpet manufacturers in the world. Musicians frequently referred to Bach trumpets as having a real “Stradivarius” sound, referring to the world-famous string instruments. To this day, Bach Stradivarius trumpets remain the choice of artists worldwide.


  • Key Of: Bb
  • Bell Diameter: #43
  • Bell Finish: Yellow Brass
  • Bore Size: .459″
  • Valves: Monel Pistons
  • Finish: Silver Plate With Gold Plate Trim
  • Waterkeys: 1

Included Accessories

  • Mouthpiece: Bach 3C
  • Case: Limited Edition Bach Hard Woodshell Case

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Yamaha Custom – Allen Vizzutti Bb Trumpet, Limited Edition

The Yamaha YTR9335VS has been produced in collaboration with Allen Vizzutti – an American virtuoso, composer and educator. This trumpet offers slightly more playing resistance but an improved response which is ideal for delicate phrasing indicative of Allen Vizzutti’s technique. Similar to Allen, this trumpet is versatile and is ideal for classical and jazz styles.

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High Quality Design

The silver plated brass improves the tone making it more solid and more responsive. This helps to provide maximum playability and give clarity to those fast, detailed passages compared to the standard aluminium. For more resistance and improved control a brace on the 1st tuning slide has been added and the size of the 3rd tuning slide knob has increased.

Luxury Design

The inclusion of gold plated valve buttons and caps not only contributes to the appearance, the gold-plated valve buttons, upper valve caps and lower valve caps contribute to the tone. The specially designed synthetic valve guide supports a quick, nimble response whilst performing. The synthetic valve guide also reduces the valve noise as well as giving extra power and speed. The black mother of pearl valve buttons provide an excellent feel to the valves and well as an elegant look.

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The YTR9335VS is supplied with an Allen Vizzutti signature mouthpiece with a gold rim which allows for a more rich an warm tone. A backpack style case is supplied with a carry handle and two backpack straps, convenient for 3 way portability. The side pocket is large enough to accommodate A4 sheet music and other accessories.

Allen Vizzutti

Allen Vizzutti has performed across 60 countries with an impressive array of artists and ensembles including Doc Severinsen, Chick Corea, The NBC Tonight Show Band, the Airmen of Note, the Army Blues, Chuck Mangione, Woody Herman, Bill Watrous, Japan’s NHK Symphony Orchestra and the Kosei Wind Orchestra. Performing as a jazz and classical artist, he has appeared as a guest soloist with symphony orchestras in Tokyo, Germany, St. Louis, Syracuse and Honolulu to name a few. Vizzutti has performed solo at the Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall, Newport Jazz Festival, Banff Center for the Performing Arts, Montreaux Jazz Festival, the Charles Ives Center and the Lincoln Center in New York.


  • Key: Bb
  • Bell Material: One piece, yellow brass
  • Bell Diameter: 123mm (4-7/8″)
  • Bore Size: ML 11.65mm (0.4589″)
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Finish: Silver Plated with gold-plated trim (valve buttons, top valve caps and bottom valve caps)
  • Mouthpiece: TR-VIZZUTTI
  • Case: Included

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The Odyssey OFG1300 Premiere Flugel Horn, less than £450: Review by Roger Moisan.

Odyssey OFG1300 Premiere Flugel Horn Details
The OFG1300 Premiere Flugel Horn is ideal for the trumpet player that needs to have a flugel on certain occasions. The response and intonation of the Premiere Flugel Horn coupled with high quality materials that have been carefully chosen to enhance the sound and playability of the instrument make this ideal for both experienced players and teachers. The rose brass bell and lead pipe provides a warm, rich mellow sound. (Also available in silver plate with gold accents)

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High Quality Design
The Odyssey Premiere range of instruments has been designed by Peter Pollard and built to the highest standards of workmanship, using superior quality materials and class leading design features to give you the best possible instrument. You can be assured that as much thought, care, emotion, skill and detail as you apply to your music has gone in to the instruments Odyssey have created for you to enjoy.

Included Denis Wick Mouthpiece
All Odyssey Premiere Brass Band instruments now include a famous Denis Wick Classic Mouthpiece. The original Classic design gives clarity, precision, and a very easily controlled, centered sound. It also adds more brilliance and richer upper overtones than the convex outer profiles of other designs. Very responsive and easy to play, the Classic has excellent flexibility with a rich tone.

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Everything You Need
Complete with its own custom designed carry case, with accessories, each instrument is individually serial numbered providing peace of mind and traceability should you wish to insure your treasured instrument. Also included with this instrument is a mouthpiece to make sure that you can start playing straight away.

Rose brass bell and lead pipe
Brass body
Clear lacquer finish
3rd slide throw
Three water keys
Monel pistons
Bell Diameter: 152mm / 6″
Bore Size: 11mm / 0.43″
Zero-gravity “Back Pack” hard foam case, canvas covered, plush lined with shoulder straps
Accessories: Gloves, cleaning cloth, oil

The Coppergate Piccolo Trumpet: A Piccolo trumpet for less than £300

The Coppergate Piccolo Trumpet in Bb/A

Fast, Smooth & Hard Wearing
Pitched an octave above a standard trumpet, Piccolo trumpets are perfect for playing difficult high trumpet parts, especially in baroque music, and were made famous in the pop world in the instrumental section of The Beatles ‘Penny Lane’.

The Coppergate Piccolo Trumpet has a yellow brass body, bell and lead pipe; with a lacquered finish, giving it a bright, bold sound. The valves are made of cupronickel with nickel plating, making them fast, smooth, and hard wearing.

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Multi-Tune Options
The Coppergate Intermediate Piccolo Trumpet comes with two lead pipes, one for playing in Bb, and one for playing in A, meaning that rather than having to transpose, you can just swap to the different lead pipe.

This fantastic trumpet offers professional quality at an affordable price, making it perfect for players of all standards who want to add a piccolo trumpet to their collection.

Key: Bb/A
Bore: 11.66mm
Bell: 99.5mm, Yellow Brass
Tuning Pipe: Yellow Brass
Piston: Nickel plated Cupronickel
Leadpipe: Yellow Brass
Finish: Lacquer
Case: High-grade wooden case


Yamaha YTR-8340 Eric Miyashiro Bb Trumpet

Eric Miyashiro has become a highly regarded musician for modern jazz. Having studied at Berklee, Miyashiro worked as a freelance studio musician, before becoming the frontman for a variety of touring bands, as well as a supporting musician for artists such as Frank Sinatra. In the 2000s Miyashiro released multiple albums, which each display his devotion to jazz. Having arranged various film and television scores, as well as countless musical pieces, Miyashiro displays versatile and emotive performances. The signature Yamaha model is ideal for fans of Eric Miyashiro, or musicians who want their own voicing to shine through.

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New Features

The YTR-8340 model of trumpet has a range of new features to benefit the musician. The multi-bore system reduces back pressure with a large bore valve slide to bypass when the piston isn’t depressed. The French bead rim is an advanced shape that aligns with the curling for improved feedback. The side valve casting is non-conventional compared to it typically being on the underside. This results in a more open vibration. These custom features have been designed with Miyashiro to produce an overall tone and playability that suits his style of musicianship. The YTR-8340 proves itself as a forward thinking instrument.

Everything You Need

The Yamaha YTR-8340 trumpet comes with a dedicated carry case and mouthpiece. The instrument is stored securely inside the case and avoids knocks and scratches keeping it looking, feeling and performing like new for longer. The case’s felt interior retains the polish quality even when on the move. The EM1 mouthpiece has a comfortable feel and smooth playability, so you are assured to get the best out of your trumpet.

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  • Key: Bb
  • Body Material: Yellow Brass
  • Weighting: Light
  • Bell Diameter: 134.4mm
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Bell Construction: One Piece
  • Bore: Multi-Bore
  • Finish: Silver Plated
  • Included Accessories: EM1 Mouthpiece, TRC-8340EM Case

Mike Lovatt’s amazing signature trumpet

Mike Lovatt Smith Watkins Bb trumpet


  • Pitch:Bb
  • Bore Size: .460″dia
  • Finish: Silver Plate or Gold option
  • Bell Material/Diameter: Yellow brass/360mm
  • Leadpipe: ML supplied as standard. Smith-Watkins range available as extras
  • Finger buttons: Laser-etched Titanium (Also available for other Smith-Watkins instruments)
  • Total Weight (ex mouthpiece): 1.2kg
  • Supplied with fitted case with additional space for a second trumpet or mutes
  • Handcrafted and designed in Yorkshire, England
  • *ML mouthpiece supplied as optional extra

Mike Lovatt studied at Trinity College of music where he was awarded the Jon Kelly Jazz Scholarship. He has performed and recorded a wide range of musical styles with many artists including Quincy Jones, Robbie Williams, Eric Clapton, The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Michael Buble, Oasis, Michel Le Grand, Tony Bennett, Toots Thielmans, Marty Paich, Johnny Mathis, The Michael Nyman Band, Michael Ball, Shirley Bassey, Michael Crawford, Danny Elfman, Joby Talbot, The BBC Symphony and Concert Orchestras, London Brass, and The Glenn Miller Orchestra.

As Principal Trumpet in London’s West End, Mike has performed in Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, The Producers, Billy Elliot, Guys and Dolls, Saturday Night Fever, My Fair Lady, and Spamalot amongst others. Mike is the lead trumpet of the BBC Big Band who featured him in a tribute to Maynard Fergusson. He has played on movie soundtracks including the James Bond films Tomorrow Never Dies and Die Another Day, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with The London Symphony Orchestra, the award winning Chicago, Kevin Spacey’s Beyond the Sea, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Madagascar, and The Corpse Bride. He is featured on trumpet and cornet in George Fenton’s Mrs Henderson Presents, and on trumpet in ‘Looking for Eric.’

Mike is principal trumpet with the Grammy Nominated John Wilson Orchestra and has been featured in their celebrated BBC promenade concerts and recordings.

In 1999 Mike first performed the Sacred Music of Duke Ellington with Jessye Norman, Mark Markham, Ron Carter and Grady Tate. This collaboration with Ms Norman has continued with a duo appearance at the Tate gallery in London, and touring extensively with performances at Carnegie Hall, throughout Europe and the Montreux Jazz Festival where the legend Quincy Jones commented “great chops Mike.”

Mike is sought after as a teacher, clinician and is a professor of trumpet at The Royal Academy of Music and The Royal College of Music. In April 2013, Mike was proud to be awarded the prestigeous position of The Derek Watkins’ Chair of Trumpet at The Royal Academy of Music, London.

In 2009 Mike was soloist with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra Brass Ensemble and more recently the Espoo Big Band Helsinki and The London Symphony Orchestra with Eddie Daniels.

In 2012 Mike  recorded and was featured with Carl Davis on his score for the TV Drama series ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ , John Lunn’s music for ‘The Lady Vanishes’ and Charlie Moles’s music for the  hit itv series ‘Mr Selfridge’